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Connect with the world of arts and sports ministries. Come, celebrate our unity and diversity in fullfilling the Great Commission in this YWAM hosted event.

The Go 4 Glory Festival

Youth With A Mission is hosting the Go 4 Glory, International Arts & Sports Festival in Harpenden, England from 20 to 25th July, 2012. This is your opportunity to join a global network of Christian artists and athletes passionate about using arts and sports to celebrate God, and fulfil the Great Commission. There will be opportunities to celebrate, train, network and promote your ministry.

Athletes & Artists

Celebrate your arts and sports! Bring your band, your canvas, your innovative dance group or cultural performance. Athletes who want to play soccer, be part of a dodgeball team, develop more basketball skills, get involved in team tournaments, come join us and share the gifts God has given you. There is room for you at the table and we want to see what God is doing in and through you. See how God will connect you to others with similar and complementary gifts.

The Power of Beauty in Art

Eleanor Cardozo speaks at Go 4 Glory. She celebrates the beauty of figurative sculpture and considers the human form the greatest artistic challenge, “Beyond the beauty of the external form, there is something that cannot be named, something ineffable, some deep inner holy essence.”